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Nobuatsu Aoki
Birthday August,31 /1971
Birth place Gumma ,Japan
Blood type RH+O
Favolite Meat. Red wine.Vegetables
Hobby SnowBoard¡¦MounteinBike
Suzuki Gsx-R 1300
1993 Kanemoto Racing 1994 Jha+Rheos Racing 1996 Rheos+Morenaar Racing 1998 Winter Test with Suzuki GP Team Rheos+ELF+FCC TSR
£±£¹£¸£± strat riding mini-moto £±£¹£¹£³ World championship 250 from Kanemoto Racing, win at Maraysia GP, finish championship in 11th
£±£¹£¸£² start racing with mini-moto £±£¹£¹£´ World championship 250 10th from Jha Racing
£±£¹£¸£´ win mini-moto all japan championship £±£¹£¹£µ World championship 250 6th from BLIMEX+RHEOS Arie Molenaa Racing
£±£¹£¸£µ move to racing in 50cc moto £±£¹£¹£¶ World championship 250 7th from RHEOS
Arie Molenaa Racing
£±£¹£¸£¶ compete around in Japan £±£¹£¹£· Step to 500 with FCC+ELF+RHEOS TSR¡¡HONDA
2nd x 1 3rd x3 finished
3rd in championship won rookie of the year
£±£¹£¸£· win championship in Haruna and New Tokyo circuit £±£¹£¹£¸ join to Suzuki official team¡¡finish 9th in 500cc championship
£±£¹£¸£¸ move to Road Racing National local championship £±£¹£¹£¹ finished 13th in championship
,miss 2races due to fracture of left wrist
£±£¹£¸£¹ step up to Inter National class in17years old.¡¡compete TTF-3 and 250cc championship¡¡ranked 2nd in TTF-3 ,13th in 250¡¡won rookie of the year £²£°£°£° finish 10th in 500cc championship
£²£°£°£± join to Bridgestone 500 project
£±£¹£¹£° concentrate in 250 and get HONDA NSR250 official moto finish in 5th £²£°£°£²
Buck to MotoGP with Team KR
finished 12th in championship

£±£¹£¹£± 3rd in 250 win 3races £²£°£°£³ Keep going with Proton TeamKR
£±£¹£¹£² 3rd in 250 win a race 2004 Proton KR MX-2 in MOTO-GP
2000 Telefonica Movistar Suzuki 2001 Bridgestone Testing+Kanemoto Racing Telefonica Movistar SUZUKI